Types of Chinese Food

When ordering Chinese food for takeout or to even sit down in a restaurant there are many different options. There is something for many different likes and different tastes.

When it comes to eating Chinese foods protein is the main star of the dish. This protein comes with many different types of Chinese vegetables including Chinese cabbage, water chestnuts, mushrooms, baby corn, and broccoli. A person can choose from chicken, beef, pork, and shrimp to go along with the different types of vegetables. Chinese foods in known for their sauces that cover the food. There is a dark sauce that is brown in color; a light sauce that is almost clear, and if a person gets a fried dish it may come with a sweet and sour sauce.

When a person orders Chinese food they can expect to eat rice. This is a staple in Chinese dishes. White rice usually comes with the food. It has a sticky texture and will go well with the extra sauces from the dish. Fried rice contains protein and vegetables and has more of a crunchy texture.

If a person is a vegetarian there are some options for them as well. Egg foo Young is a dish made with eggs in a brown sauce. This is the Chinese version of an omelet. A person can have it made with vegetables and they can even get the sauce on the side. Lo Mein is a Chinese noodle dish.

If a person is on a diet they can still enjoy Chinese foods. There are steamed vegetables dishes with any sauces on the side. A person can even get food such as chicken steamed so oils and other fats are not used in the cooking process.

These are some food options when eating at a Chinese restaurant. There is a wide variety of foods and will allow a person to get something they find tasty.